Beach Rover

Beach Rover XL

Beach Rover 


The Beach Rover allows you to launch and retrieve your PWC with ease! The Beach Rover is great for beaches where docks are not an option.

  • Universal lifting system
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • 1-year warranty
  • Stainless steel frames
Beach Rover on Beach
Climbing up hill with Beach Rover
Jet Ski Beach Dolly Alternative
Beach Rover

Effortlessly maneuvers through sand, rocky terrain, and grass

ATV tires are designed to handle off-road terrain. It can maneuver over sandy hills, rocky beaches, and/or grass.

Gas Powered

The Beach Rover is equipped with a quiet 6.0 hp Honda engine. Pull-starting is much easier compared to that of a push lawnmower. There is no need to mix gas. The engine is incredibly quiet too! The noise level is rated at 73 decibels. For comparison, the normal human conversation is 60-70 decibels!

Universal Lifting System

All Beach Rovers offer universal lifting harnesses to ensure that your PWC is secure during transportation.

Easy (dis)assembly for difficult locations; each component weighs less than 60 lbs!

All models of the Beach Rover disassemble into several easy-to-carry parts and can be reassembled with just a few tools. Each of these components weighs less than 60 pounds so that two people can carry each piece to any location for assembly. This is especially useful for those needing to assemble on the beach at the bottom of a large bluff or pass between narrow passageways.


All Beach Rovers are equipped with hydraulic four-wheel drive. This allows the users to maneuver in the least amount of territory needed to move their personal watercraft or small boat from one location to another. The four-wheel-drive allows the Beach Rover to traverse uneven terrain and not get stuck or lose horsepower.


Standard Beach Rover:
Length: 76″
Overall Width: 114″
Inside Arch Width: 67″
Height: 83″
Weight: 500 pounds

Beach Rover XL:
Customized to your specifications

Lifting Capacity

Over 1,500 pounds



Fluid Amounts

Gas: ½ gallon, regular
Oil: ½ quart 10W40
Hydraulic Fluid: 1 gallon of general use hydraulic oil.

4 Wheel Drive

Four hydraulic drive motors

Hydraulic Drive

General use hydraulic fluid


Pressure: 2 psi

Hydraulic Lift

Safely raise and lower your PWC

Lifting Harness

Universal Coated Stainless Lifting Brackets

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See the Beach Rover in Action

See how easy it is to launch and retrieve your PWC from the beach.

Beach Rover XL

Beach Rover XL

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The Beach Rover XL is a great solution for launching and retrieving rigid inflatable boats (RIBs). Each Beach Rover is customized for your specific needs.

  • 1-year warranty
  • Stainless steel frames