Q: How much does the Beach Rover Cost?

A: The cost of a standard Beach Rover is $9,500.00. If you need a customized Beach Rover call for a quote!

Q: What type of hydraulic oil should I use in the Beach Rover?
A: Any general purpose hydraulic oil should be sufficient for the Beach Rover hydraulic system.
Q: What is the size of the Beach Rover?
A: Standard Beach Rover Specifications:

Length: 76″

Overall Width: 114″

Inside Arch Width: 67″

Height: 83″

Weight: 500 pounds.

Q: What type of engine oil does the motor need for operation?
A: 10W-30/40 standard automotive engine oil.
Q: What if I’m launching my PWC into saltwater?
A: No Problem! The Beach Rover’s stainless steel construction allows it to operate in a large variety of environments, including salt water applications!
Q: Can the Beach Rover come with electric start?
A: Yes, the Beach Rover can come with a Honda 5.5 hp electric start engine, battery, and solar charging system for an extra $1,000.

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